The above return is the average return for a 5 year period if you had begun SIP or SmartSIP+ anytime on or after 1st Jan 2005. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs.

After that, you need to identify the SIP amount needed for your target goal amount, through the Axis SIP calculator. Please note that this tool must be used to only ‘estimate’ the maturity value of your investment. The actual maturity value through an Systematic Investment Plan could, however, be different. This is because this tool assumes that the returns for calculation purposes and the actual returns may vary over the investment horizon, depending on how the market performs. People perceive that SIP is either a mutual fund or different than a mutual fund.

axis bluechip fund sip calculator

The next step is to input the investment amount and investment period. When you click on the ‘calculate’ button, based on the XIRR return, the Axis SIP calculator estimates the maturity value of your investments, for the investment period you enter. Find out the future value of the monthly investments done for a fixed period of years at a certain rate of return.

Mutual Funds Stats

Gains of more than Rs. 1 lakh will be taxed at a rate of 10% (Long-term Capital Gain Tax – LTCG). While the top 10 equity holdings constitute around 57.55% of the assets, the top 3 sectors constitute around 57.8% of the assets. Get the best filtered funds based on our pre-defined screeners. Invest a fixed amount on a fixed date similar to normal SIP. Invested amount gets allocated to AXIS LIQUID FUND – REGULAR GROWTH or Equity Scheme depending on market valuations.

Every SIP installment has a lock in period of 3 yrs and you cannot withdraw before 3 yrs under any circumstances. Investment through SIP must be done only when markets are uncertain or very volatile, when you don’t know which side they are headed to. SIP will be beneficial only if markets are volatile or going down after you have invested. If it happens that markets turns bullish and starts going up, in that case SIP will not be beneficial and will give less return compared to lump sum investment in the start. More insights of mutual funds based on our research tools. The scheme is a dividend payout scheme which is usually not recommended since investor miss out on the compounded returns of reinvestment or growth schemes.

axis bluechip fund sip calculator

When the markets look promising, they follow the trend and invest like others do. When the volatility sets in, they worry over their investments and take uninformed decisions. AUM or Asset Under Management is the total value of the assets held by a Mutual Fund scheme. For instance, for an equity Mutual Fund, the AUM will be the total value of its portfolio’s equity shares . The AUM of the fund changes every day because the price of the underlying asset fluctuates daily.

Step Up refers to an annual percentage increase in the investment amount. Ideally, the step-up percentage should be equal to the individual’s annual salary or pay hike. The Axis Bank SIP Calculator uses the following formula to estimate the returns from a SIP investment. Redeeming your investments in Axis Bluechip Fund is super easy. If you have invested in this fund via ET Money, just login into the app, go to the investment section and put the redemption request. Mutual funds are one of the promising investment avenues for wealth creation, …


Upon successful redemption, the amount will reflect in your bank account. Furthermore, if you have invested through an online portal like Scripbox, you can directly redeem from their portal by logging in and selecting the scheme. The Axis SIP calculator uses the Extended Internal Rate of Return value to gauge the returns of any scheme of Axis mutual fund across historical periods. Using this XIRR value, it helps you estimate the maturity value of your investment. Based on your SIP amount and investment horizon entered, the tool calculates the final investment value using the actual return data of the scheme for that particular period in the past.

axis bluechip fund sip calculator

Most of the mutual fund houses in India including Axis Bank offer SIPS. It has proven to be a great wealth creation tool for those who want to invest in the market. AUM – This feature shows the assets under management of the scheme helping investors understand the amount of money being managed by the fund manager. Calculating estimates of SIP investments can be a complex task for investors without the knowledge. The Axis SIP calculator simplifies this process by providing an easy tool available at a click of a button.

Scripbox Recommended Funds to Start SIP

Regular plans charge more because when you buy them, the fund pays commission to the agent. This is an additional expense for the fund and to cover this expense, the fund takes a bigger share from the returns generated by your investments. Axis Bluechip Fund-Growth scheme’s ability to deliver returns consistently is in-line with most funds of its category. Its ability to control losses in a falling market is below average. A fee payable to a mutual fund house for exiting a fund before the completion of a specified period from the date of investment. You need to identify the right fund for yourself basis your risk-return profile and investment horizon.

  • It is the total percentage of a company’s fund assets used for administrative, management, advertising, and other expenses.
  • However, the most fundamental element of this is prudent planning of investment.
  • For retail investors, SIP offers a well disciplined and passive approach to investing, to create wealth in long term .
  • Furthermore, if you invested through online platforms, you can cancel the SIP directly from their portal.
  • The decision of FD vs SIP or which is better FD or SIP depends on the objectives of an investor, type of investment solution, and the understanding or acceptance of risk.

However, CAGR is the most effective method to estimate SIP returns. If you have invested in Axis Bluechip Fund from anywhere else, you can go to the fund house website and put a request through it. After 1 year, you are required to pay LTCG tax of 10% on returns of Rs 1 lakh+ in a financial year.

Sector Allocation

Hence, you should identify your goal, corpus you wish to create, duration to achieve the goal and compute the SIP amount accordingly. You can leverage online tools to identify the right SIP amount for your investment goal. Firstly, create an account on Scripbox with the necessary details and log in with your credentials. Then, select the Axis Bank mutual fund of your choice and click on invest.

Axis Lumpsum calculator for Mutual Funds

Trailing returns have a recency bias and point to point returns are specific to the period in consideration. Rolling returns, on the other hand, measures the fund’s absolute and relative performance across all timescales, without bias. However, there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be achieved. For example, If you started saving ₹1,000 a month on your 30th birthday, in 30 years time you would have put aside ₹3.6 lakhs.

A percentage of your capital gains payable to the government upon exiting your mutual fund investments. Taxation is categorized as long-term capital gains and short-term capital gains depending on your holding period and the type of fund. Axis Mutual Fund offers its investors multiple Mutual Fund schemes and SIPs to choose from. The first step when using the tool is to select the scheme you want to invest in. The tool provides you with the historical XIRR of the scheme as soon as you make a selection from the scheme drop-down.

As per SEBI’s latest guidelines to calculate risk grades, investment in the Axis Bluechip Fund comes under Very High risk category. For Dividend Distribution Tax, the dividend income from this fund will get added to the income of an investor and taxed according to his/her respective tax slabs. For units redeemed after 1 year of investment, gains of upto Rs. 1 axis bluechip fund sip calculator lakh accruing from those units in a financial year shall be exempted from tax. The asset allocation of the fund comprises around 89.8% in equities, 0.76% in debts and 9.44% in cash & cash equivalents. Average return generated by the fund during a specified period. A fund with a higher Treynor ratio is considered better than a fund with a lower Treynor ratio.

The renewal may take up to 21 to 30 days to process the form and re-starting the SIP. However, the smaller the amount, the longer will be the duration to create the 1 crore corpus. For example, you can build a corpus of INR 1 crore with a SIP amount as low as INR 5,000 in 19 years. However, if your SIP amount is higher, say, INR 20,000, you can achieve your goal in just 12 years. Alternatively, you can use the XIRR function in an excel sheet to compute SIP returns.

SIPs are offered by most mutual fund houses in India and all over the world. SIPs have proven to be a reliable wealth creation tool for those who invest. They bring financial balance and discipline to your investment and assist you in achieving your long-term goals – such as retirement planning, children’s education, buying a house, etc.