All financial business transaction have effect on two sides, namely receiving benefit and giving benefit. When this two hold effect is recorded systematically it become double entry- system.

stockholders’ equity

Real Account – It includes all types of assets. Give a specimen of journal showing at least five entries.

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in revenue Increase in revenue is credited as it increases the capital. Capital has credit balance and if capital increases, then it is credited. Number in accounts ensures that recording in the books of original entry has been posted or not. Every transaction affects two accounts simultaneously, that is represented by debiting one account and crediting the other account. It is based on the fact that if there is receiver, there should be a giver. Indentation is leaving a space before writing any word.


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t PUC Accountancy Recording of Transactions I Six Marks Questions and Answers

Only transactions affecting the business are recorded in the books of the business. The personal transactions of the owner are not recorded. Analyze the effect of business transactions on the basic accounting equation. Creating a poster of different types of source documents and banking related information.

  • Is the enhancement resulting from providing goods or services to customers.
  • A journal is a chronological listing of all of the recordable transactions that have occurred in a company.
  • Use the «balance sheet equation» to determine owners’ equity if liabilities are $5 million and assets are $10 million.
  • We know this because accounts receivable is an asset account, and asset balances increase with debit entries.
  • Remember to prove the accounting equation at the end.
  • Recording of a transactions in a jornal called journalising.

Cash of $2,600 is received and inventory costing $1,800 is handed to the customer. Hence assets increase by $800 ($2600-$1800). Sweet Candy makes a profit of $800 from this transaction. Equity therefore increases as profit is part of equity. Journal entries often use the language of debits and credits . A debit refers to an increase in an asset or a decrease in a liability or shareholders’ equity. A credit in contrast refers to a decrease in an asset or an increase in a liability or shareholders’ equity.

Unit 2: Accounting Principles and Practices

As per the rule of double entry system, there are two colums of ‘Amount’ in the journal format namely ‘Debit Amount’ and ‘Credit Amount’. The way of recording in a journal is quite different from normal recording. Journal entry is recorded in journal format in which the ‘Debit Amount’ column is listed before the ‘Credit Amount’ column. An account is summarised record of all transactions relating to a person, things, income or expenses for a particular period under periodical concept. Mention two method of recording business transactions.