I never had any challenge using the tools, all are user-friendly and have a simple interface. The best trading advice I had ever used. I Will surely stay with this broker for good.

Helpful and accommodating customer service. I’ve got https://limefx.name/ no complaints at all. Reliable trading advice.

Fortunately, the service has improved immensely, for example with the introduction of IBot on mobile, a virtual assistant that permits users to ask questions by voice command. Traders looking to prioritize research will appreciate the comprehensive array of third-party research, including both free and premium content. The company does, however, lack a full-featured research offering for forex. Interactive Brokers’ fees appear to be competitive overall, however, the company does not publish its average spread for forex which makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly. IG offers a wide selection of forex pairs and comprehensive research tools.

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The web-based trading platform for The Business LimeFX Center is designed using a straightforward interface. It makes it easy for you to open positions. Additionally, you may obtain analytical data, set up market updates, and view trade history. You can develop your reading approach using these features.

I never write reviews but they deserve to. I was looking for an additional source of income when they were introduced to me. I can say that earning opportunities here are great, I even quit my full-time job cause I really earn well. Secured brokerage firm. They treat information so well.

I don’t have to wait in the queue whenever I needed help they offer a personal account manager base on the account type. They are very professional all the time. Happy to rate them excellent. Customer service and brokers are very attentive and efficient.


When we contacted them via online chat they responded quickly and were both knowledgeable and professional. In addition to the chat function, they can also be contacted via a webform, email, or telephone. Conveniently they have three different phone numbers to cover the various groups of traders around the world. Outstanding trading company. Both signals and services are good. I had a great trading experience with this broker.

The information is organized quite well, so you won’t have to worry about not finding things that concern you. It is evident that this broker avoids malicious or damaging practices, but let’s check out what else limefx review it has up its sleeve. Swift withdrawals and worthwhile trading results. I have no complaints, all services are efficient. It is a bit expensive but worth my money and time. I am getting good profit here.

  • Withdrawals are always fast.
  • All 4 account packages available are created to suit your trading needs, but also your background in market trading, and most importantly – your budget.
  • The transaction speed at this company is quite satisfying.
  • Customer service is prompt and withdrawal is easy.

This for me is a good forex broker. People are very professional and the services are good. It comes with so many useful charts and tools for online trading.

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They are honest and reliable. They explain things clearly. Great brokers. Excellent signals. They never fail to amaze me with good trading results and great profits.

LimeFX Center forex broker

This is the first thing that we all seek within a trading company, so there is no point in denying its importance. Since, what is the point of making great profits with trading if you can’t be certain that those funds will be secure for you? Safety and security of your funds and data have become more important in recent years, especially since this market is only growing. So, there are more clients that require protection, and unfortunately, more opportunities to misuse their information and money. However, The LimeFX Center is able to cover all the blind spots that other companies tend to disregard when it comes to this section.

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They are educated and treat me nicely all the time. Very patient brokers and customer service. I came in with zero knowledge in trading but they’ve been very helpful. This broker company has been recommended to me by a trader friend.

Signals are very profitable as well. Signals are always spot on and services are good. Have no regrets trading with them.

Signals and tools are amazing. I get good results and profit. This broker is really amazing.

Fast and easy withdrawal process. I never had issues with their services for the past few months of dealing with them. They offer a wide selection of trading instruments to choose from.

  • I have so many options to make money and tools are reliable too.
  • I have been trading with this broker for more than one year.
  • All in all, you should be pretty confident to learn that all the important information about the company and the way they conduct business is out there in the open.

The demo account is the ideal way to become familiar with the broker as well as learn more about trading. All three of these offer various trading experiences, so it’s crucial to understand just what it is about the forex market that appeals to you in order to make the best choices. I must admit that most everything you stated in regard to theLimeFXcentre did not and still does not pertain to me and my account. I feel as if I must have completed a small book when dealing with this company. How can you say the things you say when none of it applied to me with anyone at theLimeFXcentre. I requested many times to close my account and withdraw my funds, but for over a year I have been ignored and given the run-a-round.

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I am happy and satisfied with the services. Helpful customer service. They are always there to assist me in all of my trading concerns. Without them, I gain nothing in trading. I get amazing trading tools and advice. I’ve been using this never did I encounter any problem with any of their services.

I am getting excellent trading as always from the brokers. I owe so much to this company and would gladly recommend them. Good trading platform and signals. One of the best brokers I have ever dealt with. Very good broker signals.